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It’s our hope that you’ll find answers to your most pressing questions here and that with those answers, you’ll be able to make a decision about whether or not our one-year retreat is right practice for you at this time.

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Please understand that the retreat is more than one year out. We are in the process of clearing up details of considering candidates and of setting policy. There may be fairly minor changes in these things–though not on the retreat price, which is finalized. If you feel you must have only the final information and would find it difficult to work with things being “in process,” we suggest you wait for two months and then check in. But–please know that we will be interviewing candidates in the meantime, in the order we receive their information.

It  is our intention to have candidates informed of being accepted or wait-listed by March 30, 2012–one year from the retreat start. You can help us accomplish that by getting your application in on time.

If you need to know something–or if you think WE need to know something (and we’re pretty sure we do)–leave us a comment below and we’ll respond. Remember–we’re all volunteers here so give us a day or two 😉

Lama Michael in India

Happy reading, and if you just find the whole thing overwhelming  or unworkable for some reason, write us a note at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Two things..

I have just sent Peter Wood the addresses so he can create a list serve for retreatants. (Peter is a fellow retreatant, from KCC.)

When the list is up and running, you’ll have access to email updates, too. We’re in the process of interviewing 3 excellent candidates for cooks. On retreat, a cook is considered a retreatant.

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UPDATE on Finances

The KCC board has very nearly completed the final letter of agreement for financing your retreat. I am hoping we can get it out to you next week sometime. Stay tuned and thanks for all your support. Our retreat team is carefully monitoring the applications that are in process and we’re excited!

Hope your practice is thriving.

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Cooks Needed for One-Year +

KCC is in the process of recruiting a male and female cook for one year retreat, starting most likely in February of 2013.

Each cook will have modest, but private accommodations, and a stipend and possible health insurance.

We need rock-solid individuals with an ability to commit to hard work for the duration. Each cook will be cooking for about 10 people. There will be an opportunity to have relief cooks from time to time.

If you or someone you know is interested in the job of cook, please put them in touch with the KCC Retreat Team through this email address:

This is a GREAT practice opportunity for the right practitioner. Zen cooks, and others encouraged to apply, as well. Diversity welcomed.

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It’s a Good Season out at SCOL

80% of you said email is the best way to communicate with you. If that’s true for you, SUBSCRIBE to the blog (button on the upper right hand part of the blog) and that will cause blog updates to appear automatically in your email in-box. You won’t have to log onto the blog.

It’s late February and it’s a t time to be out at the retreat land. The mornings are brisk and the rising sun is golden. The hiking is fantastic and the wind makes a beautiful background for meditation. I’ve just spent 5 days out here and the cabin was so cozy and good.

The Board has approved more financial policy and I will get it up tomorrow. They had some things to say about timing of payments.

Also, if you haven’t applied yet, it would be good to do that soon. We’ve had several applications and space is limited to 8 men and 8 women.

Also, more good news. We’re received some funding to put towards staff cabins. That bodes well for an earlier start date for 3 year retreat if we don’t have to build them all after the one year finishes.

The Buddha near the 3-year retreat compound at SCOL was a gift from Peter Glavin.

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A Quick Question from the Retreat Team

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